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Our color-correct, full & broad spectrum fluorescent
lights enhance what you see!

Light's come in 22 different sizes in T8 &T12
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Distinguish the subtleties from light pastels to the richest of deep, multi-layered colors. Our lights emit the precise light needed for creation to finish inspection.

- Increases personal productivity - Colors simply jump.

General offices: Calming effect for higher stress work environments: emergency, call centers, legal firms. Your eyes know how to process natural light!
• Increase productivity by reducing fatigue caused by eyestrain.*
• Ideal for finish inspection and
color take-offs.

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Our lights were the first to use broad-spectrum phospher blends to create natural color light. The light spectrum is the closest match to the outdoors and are the standard for all other color-corrected light bulbs.

• Color-correct lights are designed to help you see and work better.
• Increase productivity when doing quality inspection work and color matching for fast ROI— while offering a pleasant and inviting workplace.
• Enhance vision to see detail and color with greater clarity.
• Decrease headaches, fatigue and eyestrain.*
• Work efficiently with affilitiates by using the same light. It's amazing how clear inspection and proofing is when the lighting is the same.

Colors are enhanced. The whites are whiter and blacks are blacker. The environment is balanced and bright. Even skin and hair color are enhanced. You will feel, look and see better. Even reading is so much easier!

  Professionals in the dental, automotive, education, retail, design, arts, and corporate fields are just a few of the areas that use our lights to provide a more productive working environment. Quality light will reduce costly redos, increase retail sales as colors are displayed as designed for impact. You'll be able to match colors and see detail accurately.

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* Our pupils dilate efficiently for optimum vision with good light. A distorted spectum confuses or misreads eye dilation. When vision breaks down, other health issues can arrise.. http://www.crslight.com/balanced-spectrum-lighting.htm
Our lights are featured at the Smithsonian Institute as the original Full-Spectrum fluorescent light.
Seeing Detail and Color by Profession
Increases productivity by simple bulb change out, no need to replace your light fixtures! For bulb specification, simply copy the bulb number at end of bulb. Have someone spot you if you have to stand on a desk or ladder.

Good science proves that quality light dramatically affects our ability to simply see, mood and our physical well-being. Color is designed and used with a purpose in mind—good lighting helps you to see the designer's intention. If productivity and vision are important to you, try our lights and see the difference good light can make!

What does CRS stand for? Color Rendering Solutions. Accurate color rendering helps your eyes to actually see better. Poor lighting can result in fatigue, eyestrain, headaches, and a loss of focus and concentration.
Many think regular cool white light temperature is the norm because it has become familiar.

Testing by comparison is the best way to see the difference.

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Keywords: Color correct lighting, natural spectrum light, full-spectrum light bulbs, we have all your color-correct lighting needs handled at crslight.com. We offer high quality full-spectrum light and solutions for those who seek natural light for their office, work or home environment. Our full color spectrum lighting is easy on the eyes and will allow for better health and less headaches and eyestrain brought on by regular fluorescent lighting.

Normal fluorescent lighting is typically of inferior design and manufacture compared to the quality of ourthe natural light bulbs. At crslight.com we make sure that your order of full-spectrum light bulbs will be processed and shipped in a timely manner.

Spectrum lighting is widely used in many applications where vision quality comes first. These types of full-spectrum lights are used to treat S.A.D. You can also use full-spectrum fluorescent light as showroom lighting, studio lighting, or anywhere where you wish to have true light or full color spectrum lighting. Our original full-spectrum lights are featured at the Smithsonian Institute. An excellent spectrum in fluorescent light makes a significant difference in enhancing your vision. We offer natural light in tube form. You can buy our natural and full-spectrum light bulbs by the box, case, or truckload. Whatever your lighting needs, CRSLight.com will make sure you see clearly. Our natural light bulbs are of the highest quality and can even help to increase productivity among your employees. Industry shows that balanced spectrum lighting will help release tension and reduce glare that wears out the eyes caused by fluorescent lighting. Give your eyes a break and a treat all at the same time, and order full-spectrum fluorescent light bulbs from CRS Light today!

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