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Fluorescent Light and
Ballast Recycling Centers

If you would like to add to this list, please email Jim at: jim@crslight.com.

Carolina Environmental Associates
Kurt Keskinen or Michael Griffin
P.O. Box 963 Burlington, NCÊ 27216
(910) 229-0058

Century Environmental Service
Dave Graves
Charlotte, NC
(704) 588-7426

Cleanlites Recycling
Dennis Olsen
Spartanburg, SC
(864) 597-1522

Ecoflo, Inc.
Resa Treadaway
2750 Patterson St.
Greensboro, NCÊ 27407
(336) 855-7925

Environmental Recycling Alternatives
Greg Meurs
High Point, NC
(336) 869-8785

Haz-Mart Transportation & Disposal, Inc.
Mark Johnson
221 Dalton Ave. P.O. Box 37392
Charlottte, NCÊ 28237
(704) 332-5600

Heritage Environmental
Kyle Mitchell
4132 Pompano Rd.
Charlotte, NCÊ 28216
(704) 392-6276






Recycling Centers for Flourescent Light Tubes, High Intensity Discharge Lamps and Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts

Tubes/Lamps MTI: (800) 808-4684 Melbourne, FL

Lighting Resources, Inc.: (714) 622-0881 or 386 South Gordon Street: (800) 572-9253 Pomona, CA 91766

Mercury Recovery Systems: (818) 301-1372 2021 South Myrtle Monrovia, CA 91016

Mercury Technologies Corporation: (707) 745-5173 140 West Industrial Way Bencia, CA 94510

Nine West Technologies: (201) 623-0007 Newark, NJ 07102

Quick Silver Products, Inc.: (415) 468-2000 Brisbane, CA

Recyclights: (800) 831-2852 2010 East Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55413-2799

Lamp Ballasts

Eastern Environmental Technologies: (203) 856-2014 Norwalk, CT

Ensquare, Inc.: (617) 969-9238 Newton Upper Falls, MA

Environmental Energy Group: (817) 383-3632 Denton, TX

FulCircle Ballast Recyclers Cambridge, MA: (617) 876-2229 Bronx, NY: (212) 328-4667

Salesco U.S.A.: (800) 368-9005
Honolulu, HI

Transformer Services, Inc.: (603) 224-4006

Information was obtained from "Lighting Waste Disposal" published by the EPA Green Lights Program and EPA Region IV. Air Programs Branch.























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Spectrum lighting is widely used in many applications where vision quality comes first. You can also use full-spectrum fluorescent light as showroom lighting, studio lighting, or anywhere where you wish to have true light or full color spectrum lighting. Our original full-spectrum lights are featured at the Smithsonian Institute. An excellent spectrum in fluorescent light makes a significant difference in enhancing your vision. We offer natural light in tube form. You can buy our natural and full-spectrum light bulbs by the box, case, or truckload. Whatever your lighting needs, CRSLight.com will make sure you see clearly. Our natural light bulbs are of the highest quality and can even help to increase productivity among your employees. Industry shows that balanced spectrum lighting will help release tension and reduce glare that wears out the eyes caused by fluorescent lighting. Give your eyes a break and a treat all at the same time, and order full-spectrum fluorescent light bulbs from CRS Light today!

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