Vision Enhancement

Seeing better with color-correct, full spectrum light.

There is one common expression used in achieving great photography and well-lit Hollywood scenes, you may have heard it... "The lighting is everything!"

When a set or lighting director takes additional care in lighting, it makes a significant contribution to the project at hand.

We are not suggesting art directed light in everyday life, but if there is additional color and finer things to see and experience, and, it can be had with a simple light bulb switch, then why not give it a try?

Viewing the world through the yellow-green tint of regular cool-white fluorescent light is what most work environments have. It's a strain on your eyes, body and does not give you a true-view of your surroundings. When this ineffeciency is examined, most people find that their lighting has decreased their productivity and don't really know why they're even feeling edgy at times.

When optimum light is available, you experience less fatigue from eye strain. Concentration and productivity levels increase greatly with full-spectrum light. The ROI with color correct lights is usually in the 2-3 month range. In some professions where color matching is fairly vital, like in matching teeth or in industry dies or paints, having the color right the first time can save on costly redo's. So a ROI can happen on the first day!

Try the CRS Light, color correct difference! You'll find colors are truer and clearer; whites and blacks are clarified. Contrast is sharper. Seeing, reading and viewing is easier and more enjoyable. We even guarantee it!

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