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photo of a light color temperature cool to warm range, Kelvin explained

Lighting Charts

The secret to understanding color correct light or full-spectrum light is found in the color temperature. The special phosper blend is what makes the difference. When our new customers give our lights a try, there is usually a delightful response as they see their everyday environment in a brand new light.

Outdoor, Noontime, northern light has two, light-rating measures. One is CRI (Color Rendering Index) and the other is a Kelvin rating. This natural color temperature has a CRI of 100, and a Kelvin 5500. What separates our Lights from the rest are color temperature ratings. CRS Lights's True Lite are rated at a CRI of 92 and a Kelvin of 5720. The main quality of an excellent color temperature bulb, is its color rendering capability.

Below are Spectral Emission Distribution comparison charts. These charts visually show you the colors you will see with each lighting type.

With sunlight, you get a full array of the color spectrum.
  Three observations. 1. Notice how the yellow and green peaks. This is what you see. 2. Notice the lack of color spectra, in comparison to the other lights. 3. The blacks are flat lining on the right, contrast and form visibility are decreased.     CRS Light's True Lite offers a full range of the color spectrum. Compare. Closest to the light spectra of natural sunlight. The black is even significant to improve contrast and to see form. A great light for inspection.        

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The Secret of Color Correct Lights



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